Bukola Dakolo and Pastor Fatoyinbo's #rape SAGA: The Untold Story

Bukola Dakolo and Pastor Fatoyinbo's #rape SAGA: The Untold Story

I am not a christian neither do I support pastors, and myself I don't really like pastors of nowadays.... But people should watch Bukola Dakolo Interview very well, that woman is hiding something.... The pastor may took advantage of her in the first place, YES, but she ride on with it and they kept doing it on and on. THIS IS NOT A #RAPE CASE.....it may be a media STUNT for Timi Dakolo upcoming album for popularity.

10 points to consider in the Busola dakolo's claim about the Coza pastor: Pastor raped her but

1. She didn't tell her sister or mom
2. She cleaned the blood quickly.
3. She didn't stop attending the church
4. She continued singing in the choir of the church
5. She became choir leader of the church
6. She got married in the church
7. The pastor gave her a fancy car as wedding gift and she accepted it.
8. She flaunt the car and cruise around the city in the car happily and joyfully.
9. She pastor gave her money on several occasions and she always accept
10. He raped her over and over but she still continued attending the church.

Even a blind man can see that it wasn't #rape

Points 7 - 9 looks like the Pastor was her Sugar daddy ( her sponsor)

All the points clearly looks like it was a mutual agreement.(if something truly happened between them)

Who knows may be they were still doing it after she married Timi dakolo (if something happened between them truly).

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